"Vertical Horizon(tal)" variation 2 (2014) with composer Judy Bozone

This video installation was spawned from the curious condition of the horizon: a perceptual boundary without being a limit.  Here the starry night sky (above), an aerial view of a multilane highway (below), and the light cast through the windshield from an approaching street (ahead) are forced to coalesce.  Combining headlights, streetlight, and starlight, the work sets up an impossible Cartesian grid.  The visitor's “shadow body” acts as a boundary that separates and spatializes each field, and  yet these fragments of a whole space remain eccentrically parallel, and therefore interminably distant, like the ever-intangible horizon line.

Intermittent expressions of exact location as offered by verbal exchanges between control tower operators and pilots.  Meant to lull the visitor into a suspended moment, the event is an 8 minute loop, in constant flux, a segment of time without beginning or end.

Multichannel video installation on an 8 minute loop; spectators' shadows; size variable